How Many SIMS Are On My CNIC

How Many SIMS are On My CNIC

Federal Govt asked every Pakistani Citizen to know about How Many SIMS are On My CNIC. So, Today We Will Provide you Complete Details about How to Check How Many Sims Issue on your name or against Your ID Card in Pakistan.

How Many SIMS are On My CNIC?

How Many SIMS are On My CNIC
How Many SIMS are On My CNIC

Write your 13 digits CNIC’s number in the message option of your phone without any space and SEND it to 668, you will receive an SMS from PTA telling you the number of active SIMs of any operator issued in your name.

Which SIM Number on My CNIC, Everyone wants to know about because of this National Security Situation.

How to Cancel SIM Registration Online?

Yes You Can cancel According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Only 5 sims can be Issue on One Person or CNIC in Pakistan. If you have more than 5 sims or you have not known how many sims issued on your ID card, you can check these Tools to find out How Many Sims Issue on My Name in Pakistan.

How Many SIMS Can Be Registered One CNIC?

You must be remember that There are A limit to How Many SIMS Can Be Registred One CNIC?. As Per The PTA Rules and Regulations, One Inviddual can registered 5 SIMs on 1 SIM at One Time.

If you want to get Another SIM Registration then you will be block already Registred SIM and then Registered New SIM from Telenor, Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid.

How Many SIMS are On My CNIC

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How to Check SIM Number?

Sometimes we forgot our SIMs Number of Any Telecom Network. Follow the above steps to check the sim number of any Company like Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Warid, Ufone, and PTCL.

How Many SIMS can be Registered on CNIC?

This is the Easy step to find out how many sims can be registered on CNIC. Send your 13 Number CNIC Digit to 668 and wait for Reply. In reply, Telecom Company will tell you how many sims issues on your CNIC or Name.